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Pro Football Agency provides consultancy services to the parents of promising players aged fifteen and under.

We understand that while your child may be showing signs of real talent and a desire to become a professional player, sometimes it can feel like things get too serious too soon. Children aged twelve or thirteen are far too young to be getting involved in agent’s contracts and negotiations, but that doesn’t stop big clubs trying to recruit as many young players as possible, regardless of their age.

We feel that you should be able to get honest and open advice from people who have experience of the football industry and the development of young players. That is why we offer consultancy services for parents who want to know more about their child’s potential.

We will make our best professional assessment of your child and his or her potential. If we don’t think they can make it, we will tell you the truth.

If we believe your child has what it takes then we will:

  • use our network of contacts in clubs around the world to get them the best possible experience.
  • make sure that any package offered by a club is to your child’s real advantage.
  • keep you and your child informed about everything we are doing.
  • monitor your child’s welfare at all times.

You and your child will not be tied down to any contracts with us and there is no obligation for you to use our services or take our advice. If you would like more information about the services we provide then please contact us.