EA Sporty Agency Management Consultancy

EA Sports Agency are first for value and service. The agency covers the full range of professional football player management, as well as general football business consultancy.

The agency is managed by a team with comprehensive knowledge and extensive experience of the football industry.

Our Goal

EA sports agency’s dedicated team of professionals are committed to delivering a transparent package of services, with the emphasis on delivering a model service, based on integrity and trust.

Our Team

The agency’s team of dedicated professionals are committed to delivering transparent package of services. Consequently, the football agency now represents clients from countries in Africa, Europe and South America.

Our Company EA Sports Agency has produced a set of key aims and objectives that we use to guide the way we do business:

  • All football players deserve the chance to make the most of their talent, regardless of their background or nationality.
  • It is our duty to ensure that none of our clients are exploited in any way.
  • We refuse to do business with unlicensed or unauthorised “agents”.
  • Every deal and transaction should be first and foremost for the good of the player.
  • We will strive to help players from developing nations who would not normally have access to professional representation.