Contract Negotiations

We understand that many people are naturally wary of contracts filled with legal jargon and confusing terminology. While we try to keep our Representation Contracts as straightforward and easy to read as possible, we also employ an experienced team to take care of contract negotiations with your club. In every single negotiation we have one simple aim – to get the best possible deal for our client.
We are efficient and conversant with FIFA FA Regulations. Therefore, we target to negotiate and execute our clients’ contarctual transactions thoroughly and with professionalism. It is our responsibility to always ensure that necessary rules and regulations governing our activities are properly taken care of inorder to ensure a successful contractual agreement.

EA Sports Agency is a FIFA licensed Football Agency. Our personnel are around the globe working tirelessly for the discovery and development of football in its entirety. We are highly connected with clubs around the world especially in Africa, Europe, the United States, and most of the Latin America countries.