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Contract Negotiations

We understand that many people are naturally wary of contracts filled with legal jargon and confusing terminology. While we try to keep our Representation Contracts as straightforward and easy to read as possible, we also employ an experienced team to take care of contract negotiations with your club. In every single negotiation we have one simple aim – to get the best possible deal for our client.

Career Development

While we want our clients to earn the best possible wages and bonus schemes, we appreciate that not everything is about money. We strive to find top clubs for our clients so that they can move forwards with their career and fulfil their potential. Using out wide-ranging network of contacts we are able to find clubs for players who are out of contract or looking for a move to a higher level. We are rapidly building a reputation as the agency people come to when they want a deal to be done with minimum fuss and maximum return for all parties concerned.

Club Representation

Because of our extensive contacts and knowledge of the game, from time to time we are asked to represent clubs in transfer deals. Frequently, we will receive a mandate from a club to find a buyer for a certain player or to ensure that they are getting value from a particular deal. With negotiations needing to be concluded quickly due to the constraints of modern transfer windows, top clubs know that they can come to us for peace of mind and an end product.

Sports Marketing/Media

EA Sports Agency has direct contact with several major sports companies including Nike, Adidas, Lotto, Diadora, Mizuno, Puma and Valsport. We seek to promote and enhance the profile of our clients, expose them to the media and promote their marketability and protect their intellectual property rights.

Legal Advice and Representation

EA Sports Agency has in-depth knowledge of the rules and regulations of the sport governing body FIFA. The EA Consultancy Lawyer shall deal with any litigation, conflict or contentious matters which may involve any of our clients.

Financial Advice

EA Sports Agency’s very experienced accountant (FCCA) takes care of our clients financial planning, pensions, taxations and investments advice.

Commercial Rights Agent

EA Sports Agency also represents commercial interests of different organisations to identify and negotiate deals on their behalf within the guidelines of European and domestic competition law and the commercial agents’ regulation.


EA Sports Agency will endeavour to provide comprehensive advice to our service users with guidance and information which will help them make important career and progress decisions in order to maintain, or sustain positive changes in their careers or family life.


We also provide:

Personal financial planning

Management reporting

Insurance management

Cash management

Asset management

Legal and notary support

Individual career guidance

Mental coaching

Medical management

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